Why global health care needs a change

Global health supply chains face an acute pain point maintaining product master data because many organizations use inconsistent product identifiers and employ highly manual processes.

Inconsistent product identifiers

No master identifier for products distributed globally

Highly manual processes

Tracking systems require human input and are prone to error

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Disconnected product catalogs

Does not allow supply chains to work together

Lack of end-to-end visibility

Difficult to get supplies where they are needed most

The PCMT Solution

The Project Catalog Management Tool aims to connect product catalogs in order to show a clear journey from manufacturer to patient. It establishes master data that includes GS1 identifiers, global categories, and mappings to local identifiers. This enables end-to-end visibility, allows shipments to flow between systems, and helps supply chains perform.

Better data for decision-making

Streamlined supply chain operations

More patients reached when and where needed

How it Works

PCMT is open source software based on Akeneo that allows organizations to publish and manage product catalogs. It supports GS1 standards for identifying products, capturing data from barcodes, and sharing data. PCMT also acts as a OpenHIE Product Registry, sharing master product data to enable interoperability across eHealth ecosystems.

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Features for supply chain professionals

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User-friendly product information management

Icon - interoperable

Interoperable with other systems

Icon - coding

Supports multiple ways of coding, classifying and identifying products

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Features for system administrators

Icon - flexible deployment

Flexible deployment and configuration

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Powerful data processing

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Secure controls and permissions

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